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Explode out of the Blocks!
Blockstart can help you create and manage a brand identity that expresses your company’s unique personality, purpose and values. Get in touch!
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  • Blockstart have designed NZ Golf Magazine for the past 3 years. In this time the magazine regained a level of sophistication that it lacked prior to their engagement, this corrected a decline in retail and subscription sales and their contributions have taken us to the leadership of our market in New Zealand.
    Geoff Witton, NZ Golf Magazine
  • In our business, we are constantly telling other company’s stories, perception is everything. We engaged Blockstart to redesign our corporate image, what Blockstart delivered was a fresh and functional way for us to present ourselves to new prospective clients, setting us up with a great platform that can evolve as our business grows.
    Vincent Sherry, Cathy Campbell Communications
  • Can I say how delighted I am with my new cover design, my sales have gone through the roof. In fact my March/April issue was the biggest seller of all time which is not bad considering that I started the magazine in 1980 and have been publishing it ever since. I look forward to continuing our cordial and successful professional relationship.
    Brendon Coe, Rod&Rifle Magazine
  • In the last 2 years Mai FM has undergone a change of direction as a station. Blockstart has been a vital part in producing successful nationwide campaigns, CD design and numerous other elements to aid these changes. As a result Mai FM has increased its listener base. We appreciate Blockstarts understanding of our brand and eye for great design.
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